Managing the Trusted Publishers list

To enhance security and convenience, the Webroot firewall includes a pre-approved list of software vendors in a Trusted Publisher whitelist. You can add new vendors to the whitelist by responding to alerts when new applications run on your computer or by manually adding them. Once a vendor is on the whitelist, the firewall suppresses alerts and allows any program activity associated with the vendor’s verified certificate.

To edit the Trusted Publisher's whitelist:

  1. From the Home screen, point your mouse to PC Security, then click Edit settings.

  2. Click the Firewall Settings tab.

  3. Point the mouse to Trusted publishers.

    The list appears in the right panel with some pre-approved vendors.

  4. To include more vendors to the list, click Add.

    Windows Explorer opens.

  5. Select the application file from Windows Explorer, then click Open.

    The publisher of the application appears in the list.

    If you want to remove a publisher from the list, click on the publisher name and click Remove.