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The Password Manager is available only in Webroot Internet Security Complete (WISC).To upgrade to WISC, contact Webroot.

The Password Manager allows you to create a secure password for all your Web site transactions, automatically remember your user name and password, and automatically fill in fields and forms.  By using the Password Manager, you never need to remember multiple passwords again.

The Password Manager works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

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Password Management FAQs

To learn more about Password Management, read the following FAQs.

How do I begin using Password Management?

  1. Open your browser and log into your Webroot account from the Webroot toolbar.

  2. Open a Web site that requires you to enter a password, such as a banking site. Enter your user name and password for the site.

    You will see a Webroot toolbar at the top of your browser, which prompts you to save the site information.

  3. Click Save Site. In the dialog that opens, enter your user name and password for this site.

    The next time you access this Web site, the Password Manager remembers the information for you. For more information, see Creating password-managed sites.

Can I use different passwords for different Web sites?

Yes, you can use unique passwords for each Web site. The Password Manager remembers all passwords for you — no more writing down passwords on little pieces of paper! We encourage you to use our password generator to create secure passwords for each site. A "secure" password is one that is resistant to guessing and attacks, typically containing random characters.

Can I instruct the Password Manager to NOT automatically fill in my password for a certain Web site?

Yes, when you create a password-managed site, you have the option of requiring the Password Manager to always re-prompt you for the password when you visit that site again. This can be helpful for Web sites that contain confidential information, such as your banking sites, and you want to make sure no one using your computer can access your personal information. If you forget the password for any sites that require a re-prompt, you can log into the Webroot Portal, go to the MyIdentity page, and view all passwords saved in the Password Manager.

What browsers work with Password Management?

The Password Manager works mainly with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. However, you can use some limited functions with other browsers by using bookmarklets. For more information, see Creating bookmarklets. 

Are my password and other personal data safe from hackers?

Yes, we store your sensitive data in a encrypted state using the same method the US Government uses for Top Secret data. The encrypted data is meaningless to Webroot and to anyone else without the decryption key. This key is stored on your own computer and is created from your e-mail address and master password. It is never sent over the Internet and is never stored on Webroot servers.

What if I forget my master password?

Webroot can send you a password hint, if you entered one when you created your Webroot account. Simply click Forgot Your Password? in the Sign-on screen and follow the instructions from there. For more information, see What should I do if I forget my account password?.